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Re: (TV) the Wonder

At 12:33 AM +0000 2/1/01, Ray wrote, re _Cover_ and _WFTF_:
Incredibly i still own vinyl copies as i thought
maybe i'd grow to like them at some future date but it hasn't happened yet
and to be honest i don't think it ever will .

Fair enough indeed, Ray--you've given them a shot. I myself maligned _Cover's_ recording quality a while back, and Keith urged me to listen to the vinyl again, forcing a retraction...although I still think the drum machine's pretty bad, and I still wonder how Tom was recording his voice for those two discs. I felt compelled to listen to _WFTF_ again last night, and to my ear Tom's tone and playing are spot on, even if the backing isn't as spirited as TV.

BTW Leo's story about Tom's humiliating solo gig backing the Church near
broke my heart so please folks go easy on me...and Keith that's my job at
the toffee apple stand gone now isn't it?....i'll get me coat.....

Oh, God, yeah. It's horrifying. Of course, we've seen what's happened to the Church since then...

Maurice Rickard
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