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(TV) The Wonder and other things

Well, I listened to The Wonder again, and it's still my least favorite Verlaine album. Mind you, I'd rather listen to any Tom Verlaine album than anything on the radio nowadays, but now I'm just exposing my age.

But the Wonder still doesn't do it for me. I agree with Mauricein regards to Cover and WFTF- I like both of those albums better. When I first heard WFTF, when it was released, I was very disappointed, but this was because I thought the first album was so good. WFTF is still my 2nd least favorite. But the Wonder- the lyrics are uninspired travelogues (did I hear him call himself a mystic hero??? naw, I must be mistaken), and the guitar solos lack the usual fire.

Anyway, Leo, if you want a tape copy of the Boston 4/12/90 show, I'll be glad to send you one, you masochist. Perhaps we can do a trade?

And AndrewMFC, you mentioned wanting to hear Quine's best Lester Bangs and Peter Laughner stories- coincidentally, right now I'm trading for a copy of a 30 minute jam of Peter, Lester and Pete Stemphel (?) in the Creem offices, backed with a 60 minute tape called Nocturnal Digressions of Peter Laughner on the night before he died. He supposedly plays some Robert Johnson songs, appropriately.

I'd like to hear from Quine if we'll ever get another solo album from him- I loved Escape and Basic.

Lastly, I just got to hear The Neon Boys "High Heeled Wheels" for the first time yesterday. I've had the Shake ep for 21 years, so now I've heard 3 of the Neon Boys songs. Are the others circulating?
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