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RE: (TV) archaeology of a fan

IMHO this is the best release of this bootleg. Sound quality is poor, but not too bad (better than Blow Up).
The best thing is the extra tracks at the end from CBGB 12/26/76, O Mi Amore, Poor Circulation and others.
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On 10 February 2001 08:35, Lee Ritter [SMTP:poriver@hotmail.com] wrote:
> Hi-
> Anyone able to expound on the "Last Live in Portland-'78" cd
> put out by Twin Tails in '93 specifically? I think i'm getting a
> bit slap happy. i must hit the sheets. I'll look for replies manjana.
> thanks in advance.
> Lee
> While i;m here has anybody heard of these russian cd's that are
> appearing on the horizon. most seem to be 2 albums on 1 cd sometimes
> with bonus tracks. i've seen Beatles,Stones,Dylan,PinkFloyd, etc....
> Tata
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