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Re: (TV) _hedwig_, _almost famous_

a cross btwn bon jovi and david bowie.

The Bowie connection is clear, but Bon Jovi?!?!? Who's that??? (Heard of a band though, a band little kids used to listen to in the eighties.)

Following from Bowie fansite Teenage Wildlife 1999:

November 2: Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the Off Broadway musical about an East German transvestite would-be rock star officially opened on Halloween night at the Henry Fonda theatre in Hollywood. As we reported in September, Bowie liked the musical so much that he took on the role of co-producer in the Los Angeles production, and according to this LA Times article, his personal investment was to the tune of $150,000. Says producer Joan Stein, "David's very involved with the show, and he'll be promoting 'Hedwig' on his Web site, setting up a live Internet press conference, on-line chats and coordinating with our own Web site."

Initial reviews from the opening LA show are very strong. Steven Oxman writes in Variety Entertainment:

"It's easy enough for a show to have a provocative premise; what's startling here is that John Cameron Mitchell's script and Stephen Trask's lyrics are so wonderfully evocative that they take the sensational aspects of the character and make them meaningful. Michael Cerveris delivers a superb performance in this polished, energetic mix of monologue, rock concert, German-style cabaret and downtown performance art.

David Bowie has signed on as a producer for this open-ended L.A. run, and the match is ideal. Hedwig's unparalleled identity crisis and effortless charisma capture the essence of glam-rock in a way that the film "Velvet Goldmine" never touched, and take it into a political and global context."

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