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Re: (TV) old but new

I'd of loved to see Tom do Convoy! :)
Tom is into all kinds of different vocalists and music. Last time I saw him,
a few years ago,
I was telling him about this German vocalist called Heino (Highno?) I saw
this singer on cable television on a show that featured strange clips from
around the world. Turns out Tom knew all about this guy, I was definitely

eah i used to see Television and talking heads play to nobody at cbgbs all
> the time and would tape them all the time!!! A particular fave moment that
> play alot has some one yelling out persistently for CONVOY--a trucking
> that was a big hit at the time.  Verlaine, having had enough of this
> then goes ok the name of the next song is CONVOY and the drunk at the bar
> yells in appreciation!!! A great time.

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