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Re: (TV) Television reunion

In message <20010227212316.16270.qmail@web1006.mail.yahoo.com>, Philip
P. Obbard <pobbard@yahoo.com> writes
>What GREAT news - a cause for celebration! I thought I'd blown my chance to see
>Television once and for all since I only discovered them in the Summer of 1993.
>Now, finally, I might get my chance...
>As soon as people hear NY dates confirmed, let us know!

Philip, latest from Richard on this:

"Now there are three shows. The ATP festival in England April 8,  A
festival in Gijon, Spain on April 12, and at a festival in Chicago on
May 10 at the Metro. Hope to see you at these shows. "

Keith Allison
"The Wonder - Tom Verlaine, Television & Stuff"
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