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(TV) Re: TV Digest V1 #6

They do, baaaaaby, with a MBA from a reputable business school, starting
salary at an investment bank on Wall Street (like Goldman, JP Morgan, Morgan
Stanley, Salomon Smith Barney, CSFB, etc.) is like $170,000 to $200,000.
Darn, even more than lawyers on Wall Street (and the MBA program is two
years)!  And then, I can only imagine that negotiating with savvy
mega-star's lawyers is no picnic either, someone with a good MBA degree
usually goes off to do more interesting things than negotiating contracts
with musicians (either poor or wealthy).  MBA's are not hired by record
labels to *know* something about music, whoever said that the music industry
was screwed by those "new guys" who are way too conservative is probably
right (and these "new guys" probably don't have a BA), there was also a
posting couples of months ago on how young guys who started in the music
industry to try to recruit artists eventually get their priorities wrong
after awhile because they see how bad music makes more money than good
music.  It's fun to blame MBA's, but whether that's the right thing to do is
another story (any MBA-holder on the list who has anything to say?  We have
a rather diverse list of members, besides the fact that it seems to be 97%
male and about 50% of us seems to be in the computer industry).

You are right, though, I think the labels try to get you once you sign with
them, but they try to get you as much as anyone with the means of
distribution tries to get at those who don't.  Now, maybe the internet can
tip the balance in the right direction a little, but then I am an eternal
optimist...  Happy new year to everyone!

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> >most MBA's I know would probably not regard
> >working for a record label as their primary aspiration.
> Hey here's an idea - maybe they should all piss off then and try their
> at something they really ASPIRE to daahhling............

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