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Re: Fwd: (TV) u2

"Philip P. Obbard" <pobbard@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hmmm, *somebody* has a Y2k problem!
> --- t0m@rivethead.net wrote:
> > From: t0m@rivethead.net
> > Date: Sun, 02 Jan 1994 06:38:33 -0800

OMIGOD!  Somebody call the press!  Y2K is **REAL**!!!!!

As for me, I made sure I didn't have to work, the machines I have had
all necessary patches and spent the eve of the last year of the century
and millennium home, away from all the amateur drunks on the road.

The headlines should have read "Nothing happened."

Happy holidaze to all the folks on the list, the only music list I bother
reading that's not in digest form, and the only one I actively participate

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