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(TV) Re: TV/U2

All the postings on this subject inspired me to dive into my vast file
of dynamic trivia.  This is from the June, '85 issue of Guitar Player;
Edge was the cover story.

Q:  How do you develop a style like yours, which has little relation to
blues or jazz?  It just...
A: Sort of exists (laughs).  I think it's that I've never really had any
guitar heroes.  All the guitarists that I've liked have been total
anti-hero stuff.  I think of Neil Young - that guy gets so much feeling
into his playing, but he's just stumbling around a few notes.  It means
so much, but it's so simple and basic.  Tom Verlaine was never an
incredible virtuoso, but he revolutionized guitar playing as far as I
was concerned.  He said, "Look, you can do something different.  You
don't have to do the same thing.  This is nothing like anything you've
heard before."  There are bands to whom that is not an issue; it's not
important for them to do anything new.  But if you want to do something
new, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to.

End  quote.
Michael ( hey!  Where'd all this dust come from? )

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