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(TV) rap etc.

I couldn't agree more. Although I don't live in the US it seems to me
that things are no different here (UK) or anywhere else. If I have a
yearning for the 70's (and I guess you're right, I do in a way) it's
because a band like Television or The Clash, or ---- (fill in the
blanks) could get a record deal not because they were like everyone else
and you could guarantee to make millions out of them but JUST IN CASE
they were worth recording. You know, maybe they had (hold on now, this
is radical) something to say. Record labels like Stiff, Charley and Go-
Discs came into being started by people who loved music. These days,
what a strange concept that seems. Or am I being naive?

And no, I don't think we here on the list are living in the past, I
think we're just waiting for the present, in some way, to catch up with
the spirit of the 70s. And no, I don't think that Woodstock 99, for
example, is the way to do it. 

Actually, I think that the Music Video fucked everything up.

(Cynically yours, )


In message <20000108192306.SDUN8291@[]>, SCOTT ALDRICH
<scott.aldrich@worldnet.att.net> writes
>I think it's interesting that a list like this one even exists. All of us
>have a yearning for the sleazy 70's it seems to me, a time when the freaks
>ran the show, and musician/poets like Tom Verlaine, Patti Smith and Richard
>Hell had a brief hold on fashion and taste. Joe Hartley's posting of the
>Zappa quote about today's so-called "happening" record execs who actually
>promote the most insidious form of convention perfectly illustrates my
>point. Our collective nostalgia for this interesting moment in the past I
>hope would spur us on to making interesting work that has some meaning. All
>artists need a network of like-minded folks around them, as Television and
>the whole CGBG's scene did, maybe this list in a way can serve part of that
>See you all,
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