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Re: (TV) rap

    Maybe because most of those who don't really listen to rap or
contemporary R&B, hip-hop and the like hate "Rap" and seem to lump
all the catagories together. There are big differences in all genre's.
It's like saying that Smokey Robinson and James Brown both played soul
music or that Funkadelic and The Temptations were R&B. I've always felt
that H A T E is a very strong word. How can you hate something or someone
you do not understand? I may not like what Lou Reed does these days but I
certainly do not hate him. I have no reason to. I'll give him credit for
staying alive, getting great guitar sounds, and even still being active.
Now all he has to do is remember how to sing again like he use to when
he was in the Velvets. He seems to have for gotten that. Ever since Walk On
Wild Side he's been talking his way thru his LP's. I'm getting off track
I just wish that before people would dismiss Rap that they'd at least know
it first. Like with classical music. I can't comment either way on classical
or Jazz really for that matter because I really don't know either genre well
enough. Neither one interests me enough, but I would never say that they're
any good or that it's garbage. Have all the neigh-sayers really listened to
rap music or have they just heard the raps and turned it off saying, Oh I
rap music. I'm really curious about this. To lump Lauryn Hill in with Public

Enemy is ludicrous, they're at different ends of the spectrum. Give me
any day over Whitney Houston and her "Aye ye aye ye yah" screechings any
At least Lauryn's keeping it at the street level which is what I've always
preferred in my musical taste. That's how TV, Voidoids, and Patti made an
impression on me. Street level rock with a thinkman's approach. Not an easy
thing to do without complicating matters. Sorry for all this babbling. H A T
words often do this to me. Thanks for the forum. M T C
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>Date: Sun, Jan 9, 2000, 4:04 PM

>How about stuff like French rap, like MC Solaar, I hate rap in general (and 
>by the way, can't stand Lauryn Hill), but MC Solaar used to craft nice 
>French rap...
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