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RE: (TV) 2 cents on Rap/dissing Richard.

jpg wrote: 

 That's fine. But to put him in the company of Eric Dolphy or Billie Holiday
 preposterous. The guy has not mastered his instrument and has never
 me as anything but a poseur. I hung around the lower East side scene and my
 impressions all come not from second hand info. but from being there.
 Now if Hell is a genius , prophet, etc. in your book or life that's fine.
 he ain't no virtuoso and it's a stinking disservice to people such as
Dolphy ,
 Holiday ,'Trane, etc.
 If my candid comments are bothersome so be it. All I'm trying to do is gain
 clear perspective.

i don't think anyone's claiming hell to be  a "virtuoso" in the sense yr
but listen again to his bass playing....NOBODY & i mean NOBODY plays the
bass like he does.
he did what he did with soul & chutzpah & was a serious inspiration to
non-musicians everywhere.
Eric S. Gregory
IVR Assistant
(503) 321-8503

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