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Re: (TV) 2 cents on Rap/dissing Richard.

I agree about chops and Berklee. The problem I have is that it is very difficult
for me to listen with interest when it comes to most of the underground/punk
stuff. Do I listen to it with a nostalgic heart? Has the music aged well? Have I
aged well? Who knows?
I can tell you that I find Dolphy, Trane, etc. much more interesting and sensuous
at this point. This music is the real meat  and I sure can sink my teeth into it.

I enjoyed CBGB. In fact I can blame that hole on a lot of my hearing loss but it
all seems so so long ago... .
Sad the joys of youth.


> Since I'm the one who mentioned Hell in the same breath as Billie Holiday
> and Eric Dolphy, let me say that I was referring to his adventurous spirit
> and his sensuality, not to his chops (which ain't none too shabby, by the
> by, see what Bob Quine has to say about Richard's bass playing). To put any
> rock guy or girl up against these jazz greats in the sense of musical
> knowledge is a stretch, I'd agree, and that's not what I was getting at. But
> when Eric Dolphy played "My Favorite Things" in Coltrane's classic quintet
> on a tape I have from a 60's Swedish TV show, he plays in the wrong key,
> intentionally, and it's challenging to the listener. He's in the music, but
> he's pushing it. It's confrontational. Billie Holiday sings with a
> sensuality and a palpable sense of death that few jazz singers ever have.
> Robert Johnson has that quality to me as well. To me, Richard Hell's work
> sometimes reaches a similar intensity. The fact is Richard Hell has made
> rock and roll music that has vitality, with superb musicians in that
> tradition. I'd rather play with a bass player like Hell than some Berkeley
> School of Music, chops-loving player, but it's all a matter of sensibility.
> It's the spirit and the sensuality in Richard Hell that I was speaking of,
> not his formal qualities. If one were to use that kind of criteria for rock
> and roll players, who wouldn't fall short?
> Scott
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> > jpg wrote:
> >
> >  That's fine. But to put him in the company of Eric Dolphy or Billie Holiday
> > is
> >  preposterous. The guy has not mastered his instrument and has never
> > impressed
> >  me as anything but a poseur. I hung around the lower East side scene and my
> >  impressions all come not from second hand info. but from being there.
> >  Now if Hell is a genius , prophet, etc. in your book or life that's fine.
> > But
> >  he ain't no virtuoso and it's a stinking disservice to people such as
> > Dolphy ,
> >  Holiday ,'Trane, etc.
> >  If my candid comments are bothersome so be it. All I'm trying to do is gain
> > a
> >  clear perspective.
> >
> > i don't think anyone's claiming hell to be  a "virtuoso" in the sense yr
> > describing/defining.
> > but listen again to his bass playing....NOBODY & i mean NOBODY plays the
> > bass like he does.
> > he did what he did with soul & chutzpah & was a serious inspiration to
> > non-musicians everywhere.
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