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(TV) Re: Keep following your dreams ..!

Don't ever give up chasing the dream Eric. Keep giving it the message!
Good luck with all your future musical projects....cheers...R.

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From: Eric Gregory <egregory@standard.com>
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Date: 12 January 2000 15:26
Subject: RE: (TV) Living on fresh air.............

>no offense taken, ray.....& for what it's worth, i've been writing, singing
>& playing in gigging/recording rock & roll band(s) for around a decade now.
>i know firsthand it doesn't pay & now that i've been doing it for a while &
>have had a chance to meet a few of the heroes of my "youth", who are also
>often struggling, i've come to terms with the fact that worrying about $$$
>is a step into misery so troublesome, you may as well just accept & embrace
>yr awful 40 hour a week gig & give up on the "art".

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