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(TV) peter laughner

Peter Laughner was a great guitar player/writer and his early demise is a 
travesty. He had incredible taste, not only are his versions of other
people's songs great (Richard Thompson's "Calvary Cross", Eno's "Baby's On
Fire", "White Light/White Heat"), his own songs are filled with passion.
"Baudelaire", one of my favorite songs ever, apparently was written after
being inspired by Hell and (esp.) "Verlaine"'s love of French symbolist
poets(read Tom Verlaine's very moniker). Laughner's playing is in the same
language, he even did an acoustic version of "Venus", according to myth. The
early Hearthan Ubu singles are visionary. I really didn't get them at first,
now I can't imagine my life without them. If he had ever recorded with
Television that would truly be an incredible thing. By all accounts I've
read (Heylin and Lloyd in the "Ask Richard" column) it was a short-lived
affair, perhaps an exaggeration by Laughner himself after an impromptu jam
or something. Lloyd claims Laughner had an eerie obsession with Verlaine,
even showing up at Tom's apartment brandishing a gun? Incredible if true.
Also, he apparently tried to force himself on stage with the Patti Smith
Group, and was forced off by Lenny Kaye (a la Townshend booting off Abbie
Hoffman at Woodstock) if rumours are to be believed. A fascinating, talented
and sensitive person who had a big impact for someone with such a brief
life. If anyone can find a copy of "Take The Guitar Player For A Ride", get
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