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(TV) Finding Laughner

I am a big fan of Laughners......I recommend the vinyl version of take The 
Guitar Player over the CD because the vinyl has extra tracks including a 
cover of Dylan's Vision's Of Joanna.
Also if you can find it....a boot called Ubu Unchained on Punk 
Vault...features live recordings of Rocket From The Tombs and early Ubu.  Has 
early great songs like Transfusion, Muckraker and a couple of others not on 
Ubu Box or Guitar Player.  Also has Peter doing Lou's Heroin.

Speaking of haunting guitar solos.....the end solo on Ubu's Humour Me is 
among the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard...(I know one other person 
on the list feels the same about it)...not played by Laughner but surely 
inspired by....Tremendous...
Jeremy (us)
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