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(TV) only ones coda....

altho it's not in league with the best of the only ones recs, check out mr.
perrett's solo disc from 96 called "woke up sticky"....the band does it's
best to replicate the only ones (tho the guitarist ain't no john perry) & my
god, it's good to hear that stoned laconic drawl again.
from what i understand, he & the band played some gigs to support the disc,
perrett quickly grew dissatisfied & withdrew back into the shadows of
solipsism & probably, drugs....
check out nina antonia's book on him....i've only read thru it at a virgin
store in vancouver, bc (it's an import)...but it tells a mighty tale of
drugs, weirdness & serious narcissism (he reprtedly didn't touch his guitar
for most of the 80s).

"woke up sticky...must have been dreaming of you."

Eric S. Gregory
IVR Assistant
(503) 321-8503

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>Just discovered
>"Another Girl, Another Planet"
>Now you need to discover the band; The Only Ones are something special

>    Now there's a band that went completely unnoticed. It's a damn shame
These guys had it all. In their short lived career they made 3 magnificent
and a handful of singles. One single that brings tears to my eyes is the
with Peter Perrett and Pauline Murray doing the song "Fools". What a great
Their last LP "Baby's Got A Gun" went straight to the toilet the week it was
released. There were more promos around then stock copies. Too bad cause it
was their
finest LP to date. Then there were the "Even Serpents Shine" and the 1st LP,
latter with Another Girl, Another Planet which has some of the finest chord
changes known to man. Peter Perrett was/is one of Rock & Roll's  greatest
heroes. When the Only One's appeared at max's kansas City around the time of
their 3rd album there might've been 30 people in the audience. What a cryin'
As far as I know there K only releases of their 3 official LP's plus a
live album. For anyone whoever cared about good, understated guitar music,
is your band. Thanks, M T C                                                 

>BTW, upon repeated listenings to "Other Voices" (the new Patti Smith song
with Tom
on lead guitar), it has to be one of Tom's most un-inspired moments. As
earlier, if I didn't know that it was Tom Id've never guessed it. It may as
have been Oliver or Lenny playing the solo. I pains me to say this. Despite
the song is one of Patti's finest in many years.



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