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Re: Fwd: Re: (TV) carlucci

By the way Mark Eitzel lived in my neighborhood. Always cranky, always in a hurry. Good songwriter.

jpontrelli@nallmiller.com wrote:

> Allmusic Guide has a slightly different spin on it Mr. C
> An '80s/'90s quintet strongly influenced by early Buffalo Springfield, early Dylan, and the Gene
>  Clark-era Byrds, Winter Hours had a refreshingly aggressive, high-energy approach. They
>  specialized in what might best be called loud folk-rock with a vengeance. Articulate, creative, and
>  talented, they didn't stand a chance in the '80s. -- Bruce Eder, All Music Guide
> Self-titled album resounds with echoes of Neil Young, Pete Townshend, and Phil Ochs, haunting melodies, and dazzling guitar by Mike Carlucci. A must-own for anyone who ever cared about any of those three influences. --
>                            Bruce Eder, All Music Guide
>            Wait 'Till the Morning by Winter Hours
>             So Rebellious a Lover by Gene Clark
>             In the Beginning by The Byrds
>             Leaving Time by Winter Hours
>             Buffalo Springfield Again by Buffalo Springfield
>             Fifth Dimension by The Byrds
>             Best of Buffalo Springfield ... Retrospective by Buffalo Springfield
>             Engine by American Music Club
>             City by McGuinn, Clark & Hillman
>             Suzanne Vega by Suzanne Vega
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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