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RE: (TV) Only Ones

"remains" is what's left of recordings for their fourth proper album...glenn
tilbrook was a longtime acquaintance (harry kakoulli, original squeeze
bassist, is the brother of perrett's longtime paramour & played bass in
england's glory)...from what i understand, the band was disintegrating at a
very rapid pace, hence the guests, etc....
some of the stuff on "remains" may very well also be outtakes from the 3rd
(ref: "baby's got a gun", which didn't appear on the rec of same
name)....the sound is too layered, too lush (all those keyboards) to be
early stuff...it's a little too thick in spots, but some of the songs are
really majestic (especially "prisoners" ('we helped each other over the
& i agree with you about england's glory, but it's a fascinating record
nonetheless, considering it was recorded in the early-mid 70s...not too many
other singer/songers doing lou reed at that time.

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Do you know anything more about this album? I'd always assumed that apart
'Silent Night' it was mostly their early demos, because a lot of the tracks
feature people who weren't in the standard lineup (notably one of the guys
from Squeeze), and also because it sounds much more derivative of Dylan,
etc. than their 'proper' records.
For the truly sad Only Ones completist (such as me) there is now a CD
of the 'legendary lost album' by England's Glory, Perrett's pre-Only Ones
(Unlike most aspiring musicians, Perrett was very well off thanks to his
drug-dealing activities, so he decided to break into the business by hiring
band and studio and recording an album himself. That's class.) Sadly, it's
really very good -- most of the songs sound like they could be off a
third-rate Lou Reed album, and the playing is quite flaky.
It's the existence of this album that makes me thing most of 'Remains' must
early material -- 'Remains' sounds like a sort of intermediate stage between
England's Glory and the mature Only Ones.

> On the subject of the Only Ones, there's a great rarities album to look
> for (long-deleted, though, I'm sure). With the unfortunate title of
> 'Remains', it contains material from what would have been another studio
> album had the band stayed together, together with unreleased material from
> other sessions. Some of it is magnificent and all of it is good.
> Tim
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