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Re: (TV) Conversation starter


Myles is fairly active on rec.audio.pro, a group I don't contribute to
(nothing I can possibly contribute, given the astonishing experience of
some of the regulars), but read avidly. _Guitarspeak_ is a collection of
improvised music, recorded over a number of years (1985-1993, it sez on
the back) with a wide range of different players--Splatter Trio, Fred
Frith, Ralph Carney (played with Tom Waits, Oranj Sypnhonette, and Tin
Huey, to keep this almost on topic), and plenty of others.  Myles's
playing is noisly, often atonal, occasionally grating, and makes people
walking by my desk shake their heads when they hear it.  I find it very
pleasing.  For the puroposes of the list, though, we can say it's unlike
Television, although it can resemble a harsher Pere Ubu in their more
ambient moments. I'm often reminded in listening to it of Mingus's
conversation pieces, where the tuba might state a theme, and the trombone
would "laugh" in response...  Great song titles, too--"Camera Hidden
Backwards in a Hat," "Third Grade Regrets," "ZZZZ I Love You, Man."

He was actually in our fair city (Pittsburgh) not long ago, recording the
post-jazz ensemble Watershed 5tet at Mr. Small's Funhouse (a studio--great
room, great people) for their Circuit Breaker CD--and a damn fine job he
did, too.  We didn't cross paths or anything, though. 

If you'd like to hear more, I can do a disquisition off-list...

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On Sat, 22 Jan 2000, GaryM wrote:

>    Someone mentioned a Myles Boyleson CD - can you tell me more? Used to work with
> Myles at Down Home Music when I lived up north.
> best,
> Gary Mollica
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