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Re: (TV) favorite covers

How about:
Most of Scott Walker's Brel covers
Gram Parsons / Emmylou Harris, Love Hurts
NY Dolls, Great Big Kiss
The Rockingbirds, In Tall Buildings (who did the original? I've never heard
another version, but it's an amazing song...)
Devo, Working In A Coal Mine
and who could forget Rolf Harris's Stairway To Heaven?

People do great cover versions in their gigs, but don't record them, which is
a shame -- Jonathan Richman's version of 'Sex Machine' was ace, and Lloyd Cole
did a couple of great VU covers.

The only time I saw Television, at the Forum in London in 1992, they did a
cover as an encore, but I didn't recognise the song. Does anyone know what it
was? Was it part of the set for the whole tour?

i once had great plans to start a country & western Radiohead covers band
(Radiohead are so miserable and self-pitying, they're like country singers
only more indulgent) called Rodeohead. But never got round to it. Ah well.

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