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Re: (TV) another Verlaine cover..and a new thread???

Great list but Soul Shoes is an original. Graham Parker did a great cover of
"I Want You Back" by the Jackson 5, though, calling it, "I Want You Back
(Again)", it was the B-side to "Mercury Poisoning", I think, on Stiff. Also
on the live promo-LP "Live at the Marble Arch" he does a killer "Kansas
City" and "Chain Of Fools". I guess you could call Dave Edmunds/Rockpile's
"Crawling From The Wreckage" a cover( and a great one), but since Parker
never officially recorded it, it stands as an original, since Dave's
repertoire pretty much consists of other people's tunes.
Also just thought of a great one: Alex Chilton doing "Femme Fatale" on "Big
Star/Third/Sister Lovers" with Steve Cropper on guitar. Beautiful and weird.
Also on that record he does a rocking cover of "Till The End Of The Day", by
the Kinks, though it's more of a straight cover. Another great
collaboration/cover is George Jones doing "StrangerIn The House" with Elvis
Costello. Very appropriate honky-tonk sound. Interestingly enough, on
Elvis's own version of his song (released as a promo-only single with the
first 50,000 pressings of This Year's Model in the UK), he and the
Attractions do a slow, funky version of the Damned's "Neat,Neat,Neat" on the
B-side, an oddity indeed, and well worth seeking out. It's a live version
with saxophone! Pretty cool. Also from the same year(78) Elvis and Richard
Hell performed "You Gotta Lose" and "Shattered" together at CBGB's. If
that's not a great homage to the Stones I don't know what is.
Elvis plays rhythm guitar to "Shattered" like "Radio, Radio"(think his
appearance on SNL that year).

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>Subject: Re: (TV) another Verlaine cover..and a new thread???
>Date: Mon, Jan 24, 2000, 12:19 PM

> Hope I'm not too late--I love covers.
> I've said before on the list I reckon the best cover version ever put on
> vinyl
> is Husker Du doing 8 Miles High.
> In my my view Husker Du were kings of covers as I'd also include(not all put
> on vinyl/cd etc)
> by them, Sunshine Superman, Love Is All Around(Rhoda theme tune), Blitzkrieg
> Bop, Helter Skelter  and Daytripper(and if they can make me like a couple of
> Beatles songs then that's an achievement--believe me!).
> I love loads of others but have to cut it down a bit.
> Stiff Little Fingers  Johnny Was( this band told me more about the troubles
> in Northern Ireland than any politician).
> Billy Bragg  Which Side Are You On( he did adapt it a bit) and World Turned
> Upside Down( the 2 songs most likely to bring me close to tears--they
> immediately bring back memories of the mid-eighties miners strike in Britain
> and that fu*king woman Thatcher).
> Lemonheads   Amazing Grace
> Naked Raygun   Love Battery
> Dead Kennedys   Viva Las Vegas
> Residents   Satisfaction
> Television   Psychotic Reaction/Fire Engine
> Capitol Punishment  In Dreams( my award for best destruction of a song--in a
> good way)
> Down By Law   500 Miles( the slight change to the lyrics makes it really
> funny)
> Chris Farlowe  Out Of Time
> Screeching Weasel  I Can See Clearly Now
> Love Sculpture   Sabre Dance
> Frankie Goes To Hollywood   War(whatever you thought of them--they got an
> anti-war song to #1 in the charts for weeks).
> Nils Lofgren  Goin Back
> Graham Parker & The Rumour  Soul Shoes
> I could go on but..................
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> Subject: (TV) another Verlaine cover..and a new thread???
>> Just got set Three on the Maria Mckee tree list today and it includes
> several
>> covers of everyone from John Cale to old Gospel hymns.   One song that I
> was
>> pleased to hear her do was Patti Smiths and Verlaines song Break It Up off
>> Horses.
>> So much talk on the list about Another Girl Another Planet that it
> reminded
>> me of a great cover that the Replacements did of it.  In an attempt to
>> perhaps start a new thread, what are peoples favorite cover versions???
>> off the top of my head here are some of mine.
>> Big Star's Ballad of El Goodo....Vanessa Paradis
>> Patti Smith's Free Money.....Maria Mckee
>> Dylans Knockin On Heavens Door....Television
>> Beatles Across The Universe.....Fiona Apple
>> Bowie's Ziggy Stardust....Nina Hagen
>> Television's Little Johnny Jewell.....Siouxsie and Banshees
>> Bee Gees Holiday....Claudine Longet
>> Kinks I'm Not Like Everybody Else....Boss Hog
>> Jim Carroll's It's Too Late.....Seven Year Bitch
>> Psycho(who's song is this??)....Elvis Costello
>> Jeremy US
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