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Re: (TV) the wonder & "t/s"

--- reilly morse <reimo@earthlink.net> wrote:
> would like to locate source for cd "the wonder", any tips, internet sites to
> order from?

EBay was already mentioned, and it is probably your best bet, but you might try
www.gemm.com, too, which lists the inventories of many independent/second-hand
record/cd dealers.

> also see a verlaine german import listed without track or personnel data
> called "t/s" Anyone have details re these?

My guess is that this should read "s/t" - as in self-titled, or the TOM
VERLAINE album. I believe there is a German version (graphics copied from the
Japanese CD, but with a black strip superimposed over the "Elektra, Japan"
copyright information on the back cover!). If you've never heard his debut, you
must - still my favorite Verlaine solo album, with at least 3 leftover
Television songs on it besides.


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