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Re: (TV) "Punk, "the video

Easy, folks - not everyone who has epilepsy needs their entire lives judged by
the fact that they do - which also means that just because they were epileptic
doesn't mean you interpret any comments about their
skills/lives/appearances/performances as being offensive! Sheesh. If Curtis
were Jewish and acting "like a dork", would you accuse Jay of anti-Semitism?! I
am 100% sure that's not what Jay was saying.

Besides, while Curtis' epilepsy definitely influenced his lyrics, performance,
etc., it's not as if he was having seizures on stage (at least, not in those
performances included in the video Jay is talking about - severe epileptics
like Curtis generally don't keep standing and singing mid-seizure).


--- Blumetakt@aol.com wrote:
> Not everyone that has Epilepsy looks like a DORK !! thats pretty offensive 
> remark MARK. 

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