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Re: (TV) "There are some things you will never understand....She's Lost Control"

I remember getting the news about Ian Curtis' death. I thought 'what a
stupid shit'. When I learned more about him later, I kinda could understand.
I will never forgove him, though. It's very personal with me.
Joy Division is the reason I play bass, and the reason I was ever even in a
I loved them, and while working in a record store met a guitarist and a
drummer who were buying JD records. I suggested we get together, and we hit
it off pretty good. Our first gig we played ShadowPlay and New Dawn Fades.
 People said we sounded like the Minutemen, and then later, Fire in the
I was very flattered, but I wish someone said we sounded like Joy Division.

I never saw them live - the only time I saw New Order was July 83, after the
magic was gone.
 - H.

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