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Re: (TV) chris spedding

In a message dated 2/2/00 11:19:59 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
reimo@earthlink.net writes:

>    Thinking about rhythm guitarists from TV's era, I recall enjoying Chris
>  Spedding's work with John Cale, and some of his solo work, like Guitar
>  Graffitti.  Any opinions out there on Chris?

I used to have a bunch of Chris' solo albums, but I never listened to 'em (I 
saved the best-of album, though). Really good guitar player, and some good 
songs, especially "Motor Bikin'", "Get Out Of My Pagoda" and of course, 
"Guitar Jamboree". Overall, I found the albums kinda disappointing.

    -- Owen

Owen Gwilliam

"What do you get when you take Italy's finest zydeco musicians and turn them 
loose on a program of Cyndi Lauper favorites? We have no idea, really, but we 
imagine it would sound nothing like THE MISTAKES, the semi-long-awaited 
collaboration between four of modern music's more intriguing practitioners 
    -- from the press release for the debut album by The Mistakes
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