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(TV) Good guitarists, bad bands

In an idle moment last night, a thought struck me: most of the musicians I
like or admire also played in bands I like and played good material; in other
words, the music would have been good even without the guitar heroics.
Verlaine, Quine, etc. being obvious examples. However, there are some
guitarists in awful or mediocre bands I nevertheless can't help liking as
guitarists. The weirdest example is Mark Knopfler -- I loathe Dire Straits
with a passion, and think he's both a terrible songwriter and an awful singer.
But I do think he's a good guitarist, and not just technically -- I like what
he plays too... it makes me wonder how closely guitar-playing skill is related
to general musical tastefulness.
And what about Slash from Guns'n'Roses? He really lifted some of their
material above the bog-standard heavy metal it would have been with most HM
I suppose one might even make a case for that guy out of the Eagles :-)

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