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Re: (TV) Can The Fattest Three John Get Things Going Maybe Just A little Bit ...

In a message dated 02/08/2000 5:32:48 PM Central Standard Time, 
nick@powelln.freeserve.co.uk writes:

> John Langford's(who's been mentioned a few times on this list) latest
>  incarnation
>  the Waco Brothers is playing here tomorrow night with Sally Timms
>  supporting.
>  Anyone seen his new band--presumably similarities with the Mekons.

They play in Chicago on practically a daily basis.  Jon is an acquaintance of 
mine and I am friends with several of the band members.  That said, it's a 
bit odd that I don't like them more.  Make no mistake, it's The Pogues meets 
Hank Williams and they all go out drinking -- it's a heck of a night out, 
especially if you like beer.  Musically though, I call it country swing 
without the swing.  It's very much white male music, mandolin songs with a 
military beat.  A great night out but don't bother with the records.
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