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(TV) Blank Generation & Beyond Festival Schedule

    Hey Y'all,

    I just received the flyers for the festival. It all takes place at the
Pioneer Theater @ 155 E. 3rd St. @ Avenue A. Beginning on Thursday 
February 17th @ 6:00PM to Midnight and ends on Wednesday February 23rd
6:00PM to 11:10PM. You can get all the pertinent information by going to
www.twoboots.com. This should tell you who's performing when and the price
of the tickets. For example:on Friday the 18th @ 8:00PM Richard Hell
"Meet Theresa Stern" by Richard Hell(1990 video transfer from 16mm, 20
with a short reading(by Hell) to follow. This is the film for which Tom
did the soundtrack which to date can only be heard on this. Then sometime
the reading is the movie(not the documentary) The Blank Generation by Uli
(a 1978 video transfer from 35mm 85 mins.) with Richard Hell, Carole
Andy Warhol, and the Voidoids live at CBGB's. Rarley seen amazing artifact.
will also be events at the Den of Cin at 46 Avenue A(at East 3rd St.). This
is just
a sampling of what will be going on. Get to the twobbots site and see what
all is
happening. M T C
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