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Re: (TV) No New York

    There was a demo version of A Mi Amore. Glenn Mercer from the
Feelies claims that Richard Lloyd once made him a copy. I tried for
years to get a dub, but Glenn was always in a fog. I may try him
again now that he's married with a child or 2. Apart from him,
I've never heard of anyone outside the band having a copy. Now
I'm trying to remember, was A Mi Amore in the film or was it just
LJJ? Tom claims he would only allow one track. Anyone seen the film
lately? M T C
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>Date: Sun, Feb 13, 2000, 8:31 PM

>Wasnt  "O Mi Amore" part of that soundtrack?
>Now that I think of it-was the version from the film a demo
>of some kind?
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>>    Well not for long. Amos Poe is in the process of releasing his "Blank
>>Generation" Documentary into a Soundtrack LP. You know what this means?
>>Tom Verlaine waited too long to issue Little Johnny Jewel so now Amos
>>who has a 2 track master tape will get his out before anyone else. He's got
>>the complete, uneditted version as well. You know the old saying "you
>>lose" and that's what happened with Tom, he kept putting it off. Not to
>>Amos has some great unreleased Blondie, Ramones, Heartbreakers, Patti,
>>Talking Heads,
>>and New York Dolls. Amos was just in here today talking about this. I
>>suppose the
>>festival that's happening sparked this off in his head. So this will be the
>>definitive statement of NYC Punk. Though No New York should be in
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