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Re: (TV) Please Kill Me. No, not me. The Book.

Admittedly, I did find some of the anecdotes amusing--Sid thinking that a "vacuum cleaner" was some kind of drug delivery system, Ron Ashton hanging out with Larry from the Three Stooges (more heartwarming, I guess, than amusing). I liked the Quine interviews, particularly.

I liked being able to hear people who were actually there talk about their own experiences in their own words. As RL sez in the interview on Bibi's site, however, it looks like Legs edited for maximum dirt content, and it does seem that people were taking the opportunity to grind their personal axes, so the people who couldn't or wouldn't talk come out with the short end of the stick.

It's also responsible for me going out and getting the _Punk_ magazine collection. The Lou Reed story alone is worth it--a phenomenally brilliant cartoon.

I will say that I read _PKM_ from start to finish without stopping, so it definitely was an engaging read for a mind brought up on Creem Magazine, even if from time to time I got that weird feeling from time to time that I was sitting in on some character assassination sessions.

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