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Re: (TV) "Marquee Moon" seven inch? Rare?

    Perhaps not in the UK, but the 7" of Marquee Moon did come out with a
picture sleeve in Germany and in Spain. The Spanish sleeve is hilarious
because of the mighty "PUNK ROCK" with fist logo. Tom's pet peeve, TV
being lumped into the whole Punk Rock genre. The first opportunity they
had to leave CBGB's they did. I remember after seeing TV for the last
time at CB's in the spring of '77 I believe, I called the club a few months
later to see if Television were coming back any time soon. The woman
with "Tom said we had a better chance of climbing up a greased flag pole
Television would play here ever again". She summed it up to the whole Punk
Rock association and that the band wanted to get away from that tag. Can't
I blame them. It was pretty unfair. As well as with the Talking Heads. What
was so Punk about either of these two? Anyway, the single does have a
sleeve in those two territories. M T C
>Don't know if the copy you saw was from the uk or not. What I remember
>though is that when Marquee Moon came out in the uk it was around the time
>when they were first really trying to push the 12" single and when I bought
>my copy it was being advertised as being the same price as the 7"( same when
>Venus came out). Bearing in mind that on the 12" MM didn't have to be split
>over 2 sides of vinyl I suppose it was only natural that it did not sell in
>quantities, and, probably, was not pressed in large quantities. I don't see
>the 7"  MM nearly as often as the 7" Venus, however, in both cases the 12"
>are far more common and I see them all the time(that applies to Foxhole as
>I was always disappointed that the 7inchers did not come out in pic sleeves,
>but again, I suppose Elektra  wanted to encourage the 12 inchers.
>Nick(who is in a good mood as he's just found his cassette copy of the Blow
>Out which has been missing for several months).
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>> I've never come across one of these before - a seven inch "Marquee Moon",
>> the song split across two sides of the single.
>> http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=267364542
>> Are these uncommon? Anyone know? Is it a US release?
>> --Philip
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