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(TV) Absolutely nothing to do with Richard Hell or junkies

Some of you may remember a post from Christopher Hollow, offering a CD of
his band, the Sand Pebbles, gratis.  I requested one ( and he wasn't
kidding; he wouldn't even take money for postage ) and it's well worth
hearing.  The album has a "Warm and Cool" vibe to it; mostly instrumental
with some beautiful 12-string work and occasional forays into noise and
anarchy, and it all makes sense.  Great home recording vibe ( you can hear
giggling and amp buzz on some of the tracks ), terrific sounds, a couple of
gorgeous instrumentals ( my fave at the moment is "Myrna Loy") and one 7+
minute screamer called "8 Miles High A Television" which is exactly and
nothing like you'd expect.  You can reach him at doughboy@netspace.net.au
and it's well worth your time.  If you have something interesting to trade,
he's open to suggestions.

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