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Re: (TV) Moby Grape

    Nice suggestion Michael. But it is definitely Out of Print. Too bad too
cause it's a great collection. That's a band for Rhinohandmade. M T C
>From: "Michael Olcsvary" <olcsvary@erols.com>
>To: <tv@obbard.com>
>Subject: (TV) Moby Grape
>Date: Wed, Mar 1, 2000, 11:03 PM

>There was a 2 CD Columbia-Legacy set of Moby Grape called legend - which is
>probably still available - and worth getting.  It includes the single
>remixes of "Hey Grandma" and "Omaha" (the out of phase recording on each
>caused the background vocals to go missing in those days of AM mono );
>"Omaha" doesn't fade out but ends with 30 seconds of priceless improv; and
>there's some great dialogue between the band and producer on "Fall on You."
>A brief sample:
>Band member (barely audible ) "But there's four bars of introduction..."
>Producer:  "The introduction's SHIT!"
>Also some live tracks that proved the band could really play - check it out.
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