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Re: (TV) Blank Generation OST

In a message dated 3/4/00 7:05:15 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
subterraneannyc@mindspring.com writes:

>  Much to Tom's chagrin, looks like Amos is going full steam ahead with the
>  Blank eneration soundtrack CD which will include "Little Johnny Jewel" and 
"A Mi
>  Amore" as well as the Junkies I mean the Heartbreakers "Blank Generation" 
>  to mention the demo version of "Psycho Killer". This is going to be great.
>  Any comments? M T C


I can understand why Tom wouldn't be happy, but I sure as hell am! Any hints 
to when he'd expect it to be ready?

    -- Owen

Owen Gwilliam

"I've suffered for my music, now it's your turn"
    -- Neil Innes, "Protest Song"
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