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Re: (TV) Re: Carlucci unsubscribes ???

From Tim Lanza:

At 2:00 PM -0500 3/8/00, DourisOh@aol.com wrote:
The San Francisco International Film Festival will be presenting the Tom
Verlaine: Music for Film program on Friday April 21 at the Castro Theatre.
The schedule so far is:

    Thursday March 30   Madison Film Festival, Madison Wisconsin
    Saturday April 1    The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN
    Sunday April 16 James River Festival of Moving Image, Richmond VA
    Friday April 21 San Fran Int'l Film Fest, San Francisco CA

And it is a good program. Is the Castro still a good theater? It's been years since I was in SF.


At 12:13 PM -0800 3/8/00, jpg@sirius.com wrote:
Where and when?

Maurice Rickard
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