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Re: (TV) steely dan

I've been totally sucked into it.  I think I've listened to the thing three
times today.  I've read a lot of complaints about it on one of the
engineering groups, but it's managed to get its hooks into me.

I was actually thinking about _The Royal Scam_ recently--I really like the
guitar playing on that record.  Even the Larry Carlton solos.  I guess he's
name-checked as a soulless technician (at least by Christgau in the Voice,
and he even likes the new Dan), but his playing grabs me in the SD context.
'Course, I even like _Aja_, so there you go.

Anyone know what Denny Diaz and Elliot Randall are up to these days?  (I
know Skunk's running for Congress as a pro-gun Republican...an interesting
picture, to say the least.  Oh, well.)

Home at last,

At 6:36 PM -0600 3/8/2000, maxbiz wrote:
>Ive been listening to the new Steely Dan-like most of their
>other albums its pretty addicting.
>Going back to the "underrated" thing-I always liked SDs
>"The Royal Scam"

Maurice Rickard, designer.

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