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Glad to see other XTC fans on the list, so I thought I'd post my first
impressions of the new album.
Many tracks are surprisingly rocky and very LOUD, with a very 'big' drum sound
and crunchy, up-front guitars. The closest reference point in earlier XTC
stuff is probably songs like 'Peter Pumpkinhead' and 'The Disappointed' from
Nonsuch. The absence of Dave Gregory is very noticeable -- the guitar playing
is much more in-your-face and angular. The guitar sounds are also very
different to the sort that DG would have used. The difference between Andy and
Colin's singing is very pronounced for some reason.
Here's what I can remember of some individual songs:
'Playground' -- bouncy rock number.
'Stupidly Happy' -- I like this a lot, it's basically a very simple repeated
riff around which the rest of the song gradually develops. 
'Boarded Up' -- odd, acoustic blues, a Colin number. There's a couple of other
Colin songs I can't remember too well ... not sure about them at the moment
but they'll probably grow.
'My Brown Guitar' -- standout track on first listen. Really cool arrangement
with some great guitar sounds, and a catchy song.
'Wounded Horse' -- unusual for an XTC song -- sort of an anguished, bluesy
rock number. Mind you, you can tell it's XTC by the lyrics if nothing else. 
'The Man Who Murdered Love' -- another bouncy rock number in the Nonsuch vein.
'The Wheel And The Maypole' -- great closer, very exuberant and happy, a
fitting counterpart to 'The Last Balloon' from AV1. 
I might post a more well-thought-out review when I've listened to it a few
more times, if anyone wants to read it...
UK release date is May 22nd apparently.

Joe Hartley wrote:
> Sam Inglis <sam@sospubs.co.uk> wrote:
> > PS someone sent me a promo of the new XTC album today -- I almost feel like
> > rushing home and putting it on now! This should be good.
> I hate you :)  As an XTC fan for over 20 years, waiting for the release
> of this one (which should be an electric/psychedelic phantasmagorical
> release to counter the "orchoustic" AV1 album from last year) is making me
> twitch.
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