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Re: (TV) Ocean

Well, it's interesting to note that the version of "Ocean" on VU is the only
recording on VU to have been mixed back in 1969, not in 1984. I'm sure the
vintage equipment makes a difference in the ambiance (sp?).

I, too, love the version on VU - definitely maybe my favorite - though I also
like the LOADED outtake version on the Polygram box (the version they
originally thought John Cale played on, until someone bothered to talk to the
much-maligned Doug Yule before assembling FULLY LOADED EDITION).


--- christopher hollow <doughboy@netspace.net.au> wrote:
> my favourite song off "vu" & one of my all time favourite tracks is "ocean"
> it's a version i reckon is the definitive. easily better than anything
> featured on the "Fully Loaded" albums. 
> can anyone tell us some info on the recording of the "vu" version ... it
> just seems more subtle, grander and more beautiful. 

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