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(TV) Voidoids Ork EP/Quine web page

   They say you learn something new every day. It must be true because
today I just did. Did anyone know that The Voidoids "Another World" EP was
recorded after the band had been together just a week and half? Quine was
saying that for the first week all they did was play "You Gotta Lose",
Generation" and "(I Could Live With You) In Another World" and then went in
the studio and recorded them. It was Quine's first time ever in the studio.
explains the rawness. Their first show was October 26, 1976 the EP was out
either November or December, the LP in July or August '77. Productive band.

BTW, Quine's considering a web page for a variety of reasons. Any thoughts
       what might be of interest? I think he'll go for the "Ask Quine"
forum. He loves to
       share what stories he can. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks 
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