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Re: (TV) Marquee Moon

I like the Doors' debut, but even if "The End" doesn't rub you the wrong way,
the album is marred by the filler on the second side - "I Looked at You", etc.
- which sounds like generic 60s pop. The same could be said of "20th Century
Fox", though I've always liked it, as well as "Take It As It Comes". The
closest MARQUEE MOON comes to filler is "Prove It", and that's still pretty

FOREVER CHANGES is truly remarkable, though I'm not sure it's a rock album -
still, I wouldn't argue with anyone who claimed it was the best record ever put
out by Elektra.

Another great album on Elektra that springs to mind is the Cars' debut.

Actually, I think the Eagles were on Elektra, too... not joking.


--- jpontrelli@nallmiller.com wrote:
> I know we are biased, but is MM arguably the best record in the Elektra
> catalogue?  There's "The Doors," "Forever Changes," what else?

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