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(TV) Roxy Music Up-date

  For those of you who inquired about the Roxy Music re-union here's an
update. Harris is going to London next week to meet with Bryan and Phil.
They're suppose to discuss their plans for a new Eno produced LP and the
to follow. Problem though, Harris has been trying to get through to
office all hours of the day and the lines are continously busy. The operator
give him a definite reason except that the lines are tied up. We just now
tried to
fax him and an operators voice came on saying that the number is not in
Any of you UK guys have a copy of the newly released Manzanera CD's with his
email info to see if everything is okay? It doesn't make sense. Bryan's on
the road so 
Harris has no way to contact him.

  In any case, when Harris returns I'll get the lowdown and send out a
$31,600 is just astounding. Apparently it's the talk of the day at Manny's
shop in mid-town Manhattan. No one can believe it or understand it. Last
Sotheby's sold a Jimi Hendrix Strat for $100,000+ which I suppose is
But Tom doesn't have a 1/10 of the notoriety that Hendrix has. It just don't
add up!
M T C 
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