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(TV) Kral comments

So I met up with Ivan and amongst other topics I managed to put 
most of the questions to him. So I'll paraphrase rather than use the 
exact words:

1) Record producers:
John Cale just let the band get on with it and set about capturing 
the best performances.
Jack Douglas didn't understand the band and wasn't interested in 
the more abstract things. 
Jimmy Iovine wasn't actually in the studio much. He was doing 
other things at the time. Shelley Yackus had more to do with  
getting the sound of the album together.
Todd Rundgren was good.
Cale was definitely the best for the band.

2) Guitar duties:
Patti was the boss. To an extent what she said went. Ivan didn't 
really care whether he played guitar or bass. He just enjoyed 
playing. Lenny on the other hand really wanted to be a guitar player 
and didn't want to play bass.

3) Why he's not involved in current activities:
Because he's not been asked. "Why hasn't she called me?" were 
the exact words. I sensed some sadness there as I think he would 
like to be involved. He's not too impressed with much of the 
comeback material. "I hear the riff, or the bridge, but I don't hear 
the song." He hasn't heard Gung Ho yet.

4) He enjoyed being in the studio with the guest musicians. Liked 
both Verlaine and Lanier as musicians. Verlaine was much more 
studied as a guitar player and much more distant as a person. 
'Godspeed' is Patti, Kral & Lanier. Lanier was pretty easy to get on 
with. Ivan was closer to and much friendlier with Richard Lloyd, who 
he likes very much. In Ivan's words "He should have/could have 
been a real star."

And I guess that's about it. We didn't get on to Plastic People for 
some reason. I can ask him later, but I think he was out of 
Czechoslovakia by this time and may not know much about them.

And of course Ivan has various Television live tapes from the early 
days. Probably stuff which no-one else has.

Marc Bolan 1947-1977 A Chronological History by Cliff McLenehan
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