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Re: (TV) Kral comments

    Since it's been quite let me add to the Ivan comment. There are many
reasons why Ivan was not asked to join the new Patti Smith Group though the
most important reason is that this was not a reunion. This is Patti Smith
in the 90's or the new millenium if you will. During her hiattus Ivan made
alot of unnecessary waves. Like demanding royalty money when there was none.
Lenny Kaye on the other hand was extremely grateful for what the PSG enabled
him to do after their breakup. He went on to produce such luminaries as
James, Cindy Lee Berryhill, Suzanne Vega, and who could forget Winter Hours.
All the while in the PSG he was receiving $150 per week whether on the road
or off. After their breakup he made the best of a bad situation. Ivan had
written a few hit singles. I believe 2 of them were for John Waites, he got
to play and tour with Iggy and from what I understand blew it after that.
How I cannot say. But as far as the PSG was concerned he became a pain in
the arse. Patti herself has never seen a dime from Arista, so how in the
heck is she suppose to give Ivan some. Lenny on the other hand just laid
low. Even during the recording of Dream of Life, he was asked to come and
join the gang. But he knew that Fred would be in charge thus leaving Lenny
as nothing more than a sideman which he was not use to, so he declined the
offer. Patience prevailed, and now Lenny once again, is Patti's right hand
man. So gang, that, in a nutshell is the reason that Ivan was not asked to
be part of the new(not necessarily improved) PSG. I personally prefer Ivan
to say Oliver or Lenny as a full time guitarist.. I always liked the idea
that they would switch or that there would be no bass at all. But, this is
Patti as she wishes to be heard now. For better or worse this is it. M T C

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> Is the list down or has it gone deadly quiet. I've not received
> anything since 4th May and that was my posting of Kral comments.
> Cliff
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