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Re: (TV) Modern Biz (was: Arista/Clive Davis)

Maurice Rickard <maurice@mac.com> wrote:
> There's certainly no substitute, though, for having someone who knows 
> what they're doing work on your stuff.

Having the tools is worlds apart from knowing how to use them!  While
band demos and DIY discs are immensely easier to produce today, the
process of making a great sounding record is not much different than
it was 30 years ago, and being able to do that is an art in itself.

> >So the hell with getting the shaft from Arista; forget catching Mercury
> >Poisoning; no more getting screwed by a Virgin.
> This has got to be one of the best sentences I've read in a while!

Thanks - credit goes to Graham Parker for 1/3 of it :)

> I know I ignore 
> most usenet posts telling me to check out bands on mp3.com, but I 
> _might_ check out someone's recordings if they've proven themselves 
> to be an actual contributor to a group, and happen to have their mp3 
> address in their .sig.  Barriers to entry might not be as high, but 
> getting heard above the background is definitely a challenge.

I think as more people get faster connections and as the technology
stabilizes, you'll see net "radio" stations having a bigger influence.
There's still the problem of getting them above the level of a bunch of
uploaded MP3's.  Oddly enough, I have some involvement with one of these,
and part of the solution will be the interactivity, so we do live webcasts
every other Saturday.  Of course, a little professionalism wouldn't
hurt...  (If you're curious, check out http://eargazm.com for details.)

I'll stop here - I have tons more I could go on about, but none of it
is TV related.  But if SecretX tells Tom V. that she knows a place for him
to get his newest project tapped into the wire, I'd be happy to help!

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Without deviation from the norm, "progress" is not possible. - FZappa

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