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Re: (TV) Todd Rundgren

>There certainly are! I've long been a fan through his various
>incarnations and occasional lapses into... well, you know. I remember
>seeing him with the Stones at Knebworth, and he was easily twice as much
>fun as they were. What's your favourite album?

"A Wizard, A True Star" is my fave.This is what Todd had to say in the
liner notes for the Rhino Best Of collection:
"If you want to see these albums as reflections of my mental condition,
then I'm evolving through a greater expansion of possibilities. On 'A
Wizard, A True Star' I'm seeing possibilities in everything- the idea of
breaking down song structure and making a continuous flow of music;
starting to throw in more instrumental stuff. 'A Wizard' represented how
broad the possibilities were."

Let us not forget that Todd also produced the New York Dolls first album =)

Eric Veillette
"Say what you mean, mean what you 
say, but don't say anything mean."
-Lou Costello
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