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Re: (TV) Todd Rundgren

    Tom is in complete control from nuts to bolts and everything in between.
He's a control freak. No way would Toddy and Tommy work, talk about clashing
egos. That would be a train wreck. From what I know, Tom was asked to leave
Bowie's recording session of "Kingdom Come" with the words of Bowie going
something like this "I've been in this business alot longer than you have
and I'll still be in it when you're gone". What precicpitated that comment I
can't remember. It was over 20 years ago during my fanatical Bowie  days. I
know that Tom was suppose to play on the track but obviously ended up not.
Again, maybe it was the clashing of the egos. I know alot of folks don't
like Bowie's version. I seem to hear something in it that others don't,
maybe I'm crazy but Bowie seems to be paying homage to Ronnie Spector on
"Kingdom Come". Does anyone else hear that? I personally like the Bowie
version. Not as much as I like Tom's but I still like Bowie's approach.
> I dunno...  TR produced XTC's "Skylarking" album, and from all accounts,
> it was a rough go.  Sort of a battle of egos between Todd and Andy
> Partridge.  I don't know if he and TR would have "compatible personalities."
> At the very least, I don't think Tom would be very happy with the output,
> at least if TR were producing a TV record.  Now, it Tom were hired as a
> sideman, and he accepted that role, it might be quite different.
> Joe probably is right...too much incompatibility. it also reminded me how
> much i have enjoyed the productions of tom's recordings and the last tv
> record. how much is known about how involved tom is in the production and
> engineering of his work?
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