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Re: (TV) Bowie (was: Todd Rundgren)

Maurice, how dare you! My copyrights have been violated! I'm calling Metallica!
:^) Nah, honestly, nothing makes me happier than being quoted. Unless it's by
Linda Tripp (*rim shot*, thank you).

Anyhow: I finally found the original email from Tony Visconti (who produced
Bowie's SCARY MONSTERS album), dated 12 January 1995, and here is his direct

"David was very much into Tom Verlaine and Verlaine tried to play on the album.
 We never recorded any of his guitar playing, as he hired every amp in New York
City and spent the whole day just playing with them.  We got bored and told him
not to come back."


> At 3:27 PM -0400 5/16/00, Michael Carlucci wrote:
> >     I don't recall that one. What's that all about. I thought it was more
> >about how Tom didn't approve of Bowie's arrangement of the track. I'd like
> >to hear more about this other story.

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