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(TV) Tom & Sex/Ms. SecretX/Verlaine Quiz Prizes/Bribery

Howdy MMooners,
	Before I slink back into the darkness, I want to make one final, pitiful attempt to make people aware of the Tom Verlaine/Television Quiz which is located at Howard Webb's (aka Santadog's) Television and Tom Verlaine page:  http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Horizon/7784/ 

I am going to steal an idea of Howard's from a couple of years ago when he tried to get more people to sign his web page Guest Book.  That's right, I am such a desperate person that I am going to resort to bribery!  

The 5 people who score the highest number of points to the 16 question Verlaine Quiz Sampler below will receive the following prizes:  

1st Prize: Your choice of any Television/Verlaine album in CD, LP (pristine, imported Japanese vinyl pressings), or Cassette format;

2ndPrize: a rare (vinyl) 45 of 'Ain't That Nothin' ' which is a different version than appears on the Adventure album, or choice of other 45s from Adventure ('Foxhole'/'Careful' or 'Glory/Carried Away'); 

3rd Prize:  Television promo CD singles or other assorted TV treasures;

4th Prize:  Your choice of one of the following 12" EPs:  'Kaliedoscopin'/'Sixteen Tulips'/'Vanity Fair'; 'Let Go the Mansion'/Let Go the Mansion' (Instrumental version)/Lindi-Lu; 'A Town 'Called Walker'/'Smoother Than Jones'/'Smoother Than Jones' ( the 'A' version)/'Caveman Flashlight'; (all are imports); 'Prove It/''Venus'; 'Foxhole/Careful'; Marquee Moon' (stereo/mono); 

5th Prize: Verlaine 12" EP of 'Always' (re-mix)/'The Blue Robe' or  of 'Postcard from Waterloo'/'Days on the Mountain' . 

(I realize that most of you probably already have these recordings-----but what the hell-----maybe you could give a copy to a friend to spread the music. None of the above is for sale by me; you have to answer the 16 Quiz questions to get any of this stuff.)

To avoid any potential clogging up of the Marquee Moon Mailing List [yeah right, I'll be lucky if I get one response!] please send your answers to me at:   casey_leo@hotmail.com  or  caseyl@volpe.dot.gov  Deadline is Wednesday night May 24, 11:59 pm (EST).  The 'Honor system' will be used since the correct answers to these 16 questions [as well as the original Quiz's 130 questions] appear at Howard's (Santadog's) web site.  Quiz-cheaters will be forced to memorize and indefinitely repeat the lyrics to Verlaine's 'The Blue Robe'.   

On Wed. May 17, 2000 Miss SecretX wrote: " Tony Visconti's anecdote about Tom's creative use of studio time reminds me of something Richard Lloyd said. I told Richard that when I met Tom he said I reminded him of an actress he liked named Ali McGraw. Richard laughed and said that during a recording session Tom sent for a television and spent two hours of expensive studio time watching an old movie starring Ali McGraw and Steve McQueen. 

Maybe there's some truth to Tony's account of why Tom's guitar didn't make it to Bowie's record (Tom's fiddling around with the amps frustrated Bowie). But I always had the impression that Bowie rejected Tom's guitar because Tom refused to sleep with him. I tried to get to the bottom of this but every time I asked Tom if Bowie made sexual advances, Tom said 'No'. "  

Re Tom's sexual proclivities:  I (Leo) think it's safe to say that Tom is a blatant heterosexual and not a latent homosexual [not that it matters, of course]. See Verlaine movie Question #15, below.

	Have fun,

PS:  (Some of the longer original Quiz questions are intentionally difficult.)  I end this message by paraphrasing Howard's 08/09/98 guestbook comment: ".. it's sad isn't it? Me having to prostitute the Verlaine Quiz like this...." 
Tom Verlaine/Television Quiz Sampler [with Prizes]
1) Which song on Adventure was co-written by Richard Lloyd?  a) 'Days'; b) 'Glory';   c) 'Ain't That Nothin';  or d) Foxhole  (30 points)  
2) Who said?:  a)  " . . . [he] has the most beautiful neck in rock and roll.  Real swan-like-fragile yet strong.   He's a creature of opposites.  The way he comes on like a dirt farmer and a prince . . . ''  (25 points);  b) Who was the 'he', i.e., to whom was the speaker referring?  (15 points)   

3) a)  "We were dropping acid - and he would really open up then; he more or less revealed that he had this fundamental belief in his absolute inherent superiority to everyone else on this earth."  (65 points);  b)  Who was this speaker in (a) talking about, i.e., who was the 'he'?  (35 points) 

4) COMPLETE THE LYRICS BELOW BY FILLING IN THE BLANKS   (60 points for each completed line)

a) 'I was torn out by the roots, and laid out to dry. My head was spinning; blank1, blank2, blank3!' 

b) 'Broadway, it looked so medieval, it seemed to blank1 blank2 blank3 blank4' 

c) 'Rosie Rosie ... the violets bloom ... no blank1 blank2 blank3 blank4 blank5.' 

d) 'I've been given a fortune ... a fortune in blank1.' 

e) 'The river's so muddy, but it may blank1 blank2.'

5) Where was Tom born?  a) Mt. Morris, New Jersey;  b) Wilmington Delaware; or c) New York, New York
     (45 points) 

6) The beginning of which Tom Verlaine song has a dog barking on it?  (30 points) 

7) Fill in the one word blank:  Tom Verlaine was voted 'Most blank' by his high school class before moving to New York City in 1968?  (90 points)

8) Where did Tom Verlaine very briefly attend College?  a) NYU;  b) University of Delaware; c) Stony Brook, New York;  or d) Erskine College, South Carolina?  (35 points)

9) Name six jazz musicians whom Tom listened to on records around the 7th grade?  (65 points for each musician) 

10) Name the B-side of a single by The Byrds that Tom especially liked?  (185 points)    

11) Besides The Byrds, name four other rock groups/songs that Tom heard when in the 7th grade and later said:  "Those are the records that made me think the guitar could be as good as jazz.  Up until then the electric guitar was a stupid instrument to me.  When I heard the solos on those records, the sound, the general sound, that's when it occurred to me that the guitar was a cool instrument." ?  (40 points each group / 90 points each song) 

12) On Television's album Adventure, one of the most captivating guitar riffs had a strange origin.  Verlaine:  "I had read that Wagner would write something and then write it out backwards.  He'd have violins play the main theme backwards.  I thought that was interesting.  And I always liked The Byrds so I asked Lloyd if he could play 'Mr. Tambourine Man' backwards.  We took that and changed it a little bit and that became 'Blank1'."  What song on Adventure is Tom talking about?  a) 'Careful';  b) 'Foxhole';   c) 'Days'; or d) 'Glory'  (150 points)

13) Verlaine is known to have extremely eclectic musical tastes.  (i) What is the name of the TV show whose melody was written by Henry Mancini that Verlaine thinks is so great?  a) 'Secret Agent Man';  b) 'The Avengers';  c) 'The Pink Panther'; or d) 'Mr. Lucky'  (400 points); (ii) Snippets of the music used in what other old American TV show (not listed here) did Tom particularly like?  (125 points)  

14) Who said:  ". . . There are always those people with no sense of aesthetics.  They may be in the majority now. I'm wondering about that.  But it seems to me that there's always room for something different.  Something new.  Sooner or later, people will hear it.  In this country it's all radio. . . ."   a) Hal Milgren, head of Capital Records, 1992; b) Clive Davis, head of Arista Records, April, 2000;  c) Dave Bates, A&R man for Phonogram/Fontana Records, May 1990;  or d) Tom Verlaine, Guitar World, November 1981  (55 points)  

****15) In an interview Tom Verlaine once vividly described a scene in a movie by director Elia Kazan that starred Montgomery Clift and Lee Remick.  Tom:  "There's one beautiful shot in the film where he's [Clift's] in this vacant house with Lee Remick and it starts to rain, and basically there's very quiet voices with the sound of the rain beating on the roof.  The way it's shot, the way it looks, it's a great love scene, a really beautiful love scene."  (i)  Which Kazan film is Tom talking about?  a)  "Splendor in the Grass";    b) "On The Waterfront" c) "Wild River";  or d) "East of Eden"  (485 points);  (ii)  The lyrics of which one of Tom's songs with Television was probably impacted by this film?  (150 points) 

16) Who said:  "There's a theory about the voice, how you voice the guitar, how you bring out that note.  An instrument is a voice - an extension of your inner self.  There's a real voice inside the instrument that you can bring out. . . ."  a) Patti Smith;  b) Pablo Casals;  c) Richard Lloyd;  or d) Tom Verlaine  (65 points)
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