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Re: (TV) Ray / Marc /Ziggy

thing is, we could make as equally a compelling argument for the who from the debut
thru "who's next" (an overrated album, if there ever was one).
i realize i'm constantly stoking the fire here, but the argument is gonna keep on
my question for those arguing the beatles' supremacy:
why does this even need to be proposed or argued?
don't you get as much outta the aforementioned kinks & who recs?
not to mention all the other life-affirming pop/ rock & roll coming outta great
britain in the 60s.


> OK, let's set the record straight, as you say. The three records in a row
> you cite are indeed miraculous, but were not released in the sequence you so
> authoritatively suppose: Village Green Preservation Society (1968) follows
> Something Else (67), which followed Face To Face (66). All of these records
> easily match the Beatles for writing and musicianship, as do all of the
> contemporaneous non-album singles, such as "Dead End Street"/"Big Black
> Smoke" (perhaps one of the darkest, most strangely beautiful and literate
> singles ever released in pop music, an incredible sleeper as influential in
> it's way as "Strawberry Fields"/"Penny Lane", but thankfully without any of
> the insipid sappiness of Paul McCartney), but also "Mr. Pleasant"/"This Is
> Where I Belong", "Autumn Almanac", "Days"/"She's Got Everything",
> "Wonderboy"/"Polly", as well as Dave Davies' non-LP solo singles,
> "Suzannah's Still Alive", "Lincoln County"/"There Is No Life Without Love",
> and "Hold My Hand"/"Creeping Jean". Plenty of other cuts which were later
> released on "The Great Lost Kinks Album" and "The Kinks Kronikles", such as
> "Rosemary Rose", "Misty Water", or "Till Death Us Do Part" easily match the
> great songs on "Revolver" or "Rubber Soul". One could go so far as to say
> that these songs surpass such filler as "Yellow Submarine" or "When I'm 64".
> I'm sure John Lennon, a huge Ray Davies fan, would have been far more
> generous in his appraisal of the Kinks. To say that there are but two songs
> that "might" rank with the Beatles is absurd.
> Also, "Days" is a bit of an over-rated song, I think, built up to legendary
> status by John Mendelsohn's ecstatic liner notes to the Kinks Kronikles, as
> well as Elvis Costello's choice to play it as a cover. A fine song, no
> doubt, but does it deserve to outshine "Till The End Of The Day", "Sunny
> Afternoon", I in fact think "Wonderboy" is a more memorable single. "Days"
> could certainly stand reevaluation from the place in the pantheon it now
> occupies in the collective consciousness.
> Scott
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> > Aw, c'mon.  I hate to sound like an old curmudgeon, but let's set the record
> > straight here.  Lennon/McCartney shaped a culture, defined a generation, and,
> > combined, never wrote a less than memorable song.
> >
> > Ray Davies and his spunky little band rode the wave.  They put out three
> > miraculous LPs in a row (Village Green, Face to Face, and Something Else), and
> > several other memorable ones.  That's more than most other British Invasion
> > bands can say.  But the only Davies tunes that might rank with the Beatles are
> > "Waterloo Sunset" and "Days."
> >
> > - Jeff Strell
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